NEW! DigiMuse: Circuit Breaker Edition

Hello local creatives – writers, illustrators, photographers, designers and anyone in between – we want you!

We’re calling out for you to write to us with a 300-word pitch on an idea to bring heritage and museum content to digital life. Think bite-sized digital content and creative ideas for stuff like mini games, quizzes, digital tours that can be easily and quickly delivered on our digital platforms such as websites, chatbots, audio guides and social media – Instagram and Facebook.

You can propose ideas around our artefacts in the National Collection, NHB museums and heritage institutions, historic sites and National Monuments, as well as our living cultures, traditions and practices*.

If you are shortlisted, we will schedule a 10-minute online chat to discuss how that idea can be developed for our digital platforms. If we can agree, you’ll be awarded a contract up to $5,000** to develop your idea on a schedule to be agreed.

Nothing fancy, just good writing, scripting, illustrations and storyboarding for our digital platforms – basically, addictive content!

Some suggestions:

  1. Think Crunchy – Easy to deliver, bite-sized content that keeps us wanting more. Example: Mini-games and quizzes.
  2. Think Alternative – Surprise us!
  3. Think Quirky – Example: A hairstylist’s guide to the Singapore History Gallery (that’s a giveaway!).
  4. Think Digital – It has to be delivered on a digital platform or channel.
  5. Think Collaboration – Don’t just throw it at us, work with us!

We are not asking for free ideas, we genuinely want to work with you and we want it to be worth your time – no more, no less.

Submissions are welcome from 5th May 2020 onwards and cease on 1st June 2020 (because Circuit Breaker). However, we will evaluate proposals on a first-come first-serve basis (like Bubble Tea queue) and if we like your idea, you can expect us to reach out to you for a chat soon after we receive your submission.
*You can visit www.nhb.gov.sg/what-we-do/our-work/preserve-our-stories-treasures-and-places for references on NHB’s work.
**Final contract amount depends on the quality and extent of proposals received to be mutually agreed

About DigiMuse

The DigiMuse programme was initiated in 2017 and aims to engage the wider technology sector to crowd source ideas to enhance museum experiences, and build a vibrant cultural sector

Through a series of Open Calls, DigiMuse invites artists, technologists and culture professionals to co-create projects, and provide considered interventions that showcase the wonderful possibilities of integrating culture and technology in our museums.

Past projects

Previous projects from the DigiMuse programme include experiences in conserving and excavating artefacts in immersive reality, dynamic conversations enabled by artificial intelligence, the creation of intelligent garments, and many more.

DigiMuse 2019

This edition of DigiMuse Presents explores the coming together of art, culture and technology through the use of new creative tools. The featured art installations utilise technology such as immersive reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, social media and many more.

DigiMuse 2018

Discover hidden stories and learn more about the fascinating artefacts at the National Museum of Singapore through a wide range of prototype projects. These include new experiences in immersive reality, dynamic conversations enabled by artificial intelligence and more.

DigiMuse 2017

An exploration into Virtual Reality (VR) as the next big thing at the museums, culminating in a showcase and conference on technology's potential..