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Jubilee Walk Travelling ExhibitionHeritage On The Move

Heritage On The Move is a community outreach programme that brings travelling exhibitions on Singapore’s multicultural heritage to the public. These share more on the different festivals celebrated by all Singaporeans, as well as various aspects of our intangible and tangible cultural heritage. If you are interested to book a travelling exhibition or have enquiries, please e-mail


    Learn about the different sites on the Jubilee Walk, an eight- kilometre trail launched in 2015 during Singapore’s Jubilee celebrations, that connects the past, present and future elements of the Singapore story.

    Encompassing historic and iconic areas such as Fort Canning Hill, the Singapore River, the Civic District and the Marina Bay, these places offer a chance to discover the people and communities who have contributed to our cityscape.

    Space Requirements: 100 Sq m (Approximate)


    This interactive exhibition showcases traditional games such as five stones, goli (marbles), congkak, hopscotch, kuti kuti and capteh; relive kampong memories; and get re-acquainted with village life in Singapore.

    Space Requirements: 100 Sq m (Approximate)


    The culmination of many months of preparation, and age-old traditional practices and beliefs, marriages are a whirlwind of activities and joyous anticipation. The exhibition gives a glimpse into what the momentous event is about in the major ethnic communities of Singapore, and the various traditions related to this occasion.

    Space Requirements: 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    Through this exhibition, step into the world of myths and legends of Singapore and be intrigued by the tales our forefathers have passed down from generation to generation.

    Space Requirements: 90 Sq m (Approximate)


    Singapore Portraits is a tribute to some of Singapore’s most creative personalities. It features the works of, and interviews with, local artists which together tell the story of Singapore through their words and images. Besides the paintings and photographs, write-ups detailing the background of the artwork, social and historical contexts, and artist biographies are also included.

    Space Requirements: 100 Sq m (Approximate)


    Learn about the places Singaporean families visited and the activities they engaged in in the past, from this exhibition that features iconic destinations such as Haw Par Villa, the Great World, the Van Kleef Aquarium and many more.

    Space Requirements: 60 Sq m (Approximate)


    Trace the origins and evolution of Singapore’s street food up to present day through this exhibition showcasing uniquely Singaporean dishes and culinary habits. Through photographs, artefacts and interactive stations, celebrate Singapore’s love for food and our culinary achievements.

    Space requirements : 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    Conversations with six pioneering tradesmen is an exhibition on old trades in Singapore and how tradesman have coped with the challenge of changing times. Featuring the lives of six individuals who have made their living as a traditional goldsmith, movie poster painter, tukang urut or Malay confinement lady, Samsui woman, poultry farmer and letter writer, the exhibition sheds light on some of Singapore’s old trades through personal stories.

    Space requirements : 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    WE: Defining Stories is an exhibition of photographs from the archives of The Straits Times and the National Museum of Singapore collection. This visual exhibition of headline photographs takes you through significant moments of our nation’s history, frozen in time.

    Revisit our turbulent march towards independence, the early years of our young society, as well as the personality quirks that define us as Singaporeans today. Together, these vignettes form a pictorial story of our home and identity.

    Space requirements : 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    Experience National Monuments in 3D! A selection of Singapore’s landmarks are featured in the exhibition - In Sight: A Monumental 3D Journey.

    Learn about the important communities and pioneering leaders behind these buildings and feel yourself step within the picture frame once you don a pair of 3D glasses.

    Space Requirements: 100 Sq m (Approximate)

If you are interested to book a travelling exhibition or have enquiries, please email