Travelling Exhibitions


Heritage On The Move

Heritage On The Move is a community outreach programme that brings travelling exhibitions on Singapore’s multicultural heritage to the public. These share more on the different festivals celebrated by all Singaporeans, as well as various aspects of our intangible and tangible cultural heritage. If you are interested to book a travelling exhibition or have enquiries, please e-mail


    Singapore’s National Monuments serve as tangible reminders of Singapore’s built heritage and anchors of the Singapore Story. Uncles Love Monuments is a travelling exhibition which features works of three talented sketch enthusiasts whose love for Singapore’s heritage icons and passion for drawing help to document and showcase some of our monumental treasures in a different light.


    Before modern housing, many of Singapore’s ethnic communities lived in kampongs. More than just a physical place, the kampong was a community where villagers lived, worked and played together. This exhibition revisits the kampong days and explores what living in a kampong was like through photographs and memories of former residents. Join us in taking a step back in time to explore the joys of kampong life!

    Space Requirements: 100 Sq m (Approximate)


    Marriage ceremonies are a whirlwind of activities and joyous anticipation. This exhibition brings visitors through the months of preparation and explains the meaning behind age-old traditional practices and beliefs related to wedding ceremonies. Gain an insight into how this once in a lifetime event is celebrated by the major ethnic communities of Singapore.

    Space Requirements: 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    Before there was film or television, storytellers entertained their audiences with tales of kings, princesses, spirits and animals. Tales From Our Shores features six folktales that regale us with the origins of certain places in Singapore, and even two of Singapore’s offshore islands. These stories were often passed down by word of mouth and each storyteller would tell the story in his or her own way.

    Space Requirements: 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    Trace the origins and evolution of Singapore’s street food up to present day through this exhibition showcasing uniquely Singaporean dishes and culinary habits. Through photographs, artefacts and interactive stations, celebrate Singapore’s love for food and our culinary achievements.

    Space requirements : 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    Featuring the lives of 6 individuals who have made their living as a traditional goldsmith, movie poster painter, Tukang Urut or Malay confinement lady, Samsui woman, poultry farmer and letter writer. This exhibition sheds light on some of Singapore’s old trades through personal stories and how tradesman have coped with the challenge of changing times.

    Space requirements : 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    Singapore is a country that never stands still and has seen constant changes throughout its history. This exhibition offers snapshots through the development of the island over the past 700 years and captures the nation’s defining moments, challenges and achievements from its earliest beginnings to the independent, modern city-state it is today. Singapore Snapshots is adapted from the National Museum of Singapore’s Singapore History Gallery.

    Space requirements : 100 Sq m (Approximate)


    Journey back in time through the lives of eight pioneers who have in one way or another contributed to Singapore’s progress, from the colonial era to post independence, in areas such as politics, community and education. The lives and actions of these eight pioneers exemplify the ideals that shaped Singapore through its early years and offer valuable life lessons.

    Pioneers featured: Edmund William Barker, S. Rajaratnam, Edwin Tessensohn, Eunos Abdullah, Dr Ee Peng Liang, V. Pakirisamy Pillai, Tan Kah Kee and Munshi Abdullah.

    Space requirements : 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    Journey through significant moments of our nation’s history, frozen in time and revisit our turbulent march towards independence, the early years of our young society, as well as the personality quirks that define us as Singaporeans today. WE: Defining Stories is a visual exhibition of headline photographs from the archives of The Straits Times and the National Museum of Singapore Collection that form a pictorial story of our home and identity.

    Space requirements : 80 Sq m (Approximate)


    Experience a number of Singapore’s National Monuments in three dimensions and learn about the important communities and pioneering leaders’ behind these buildings. Enjoy the unique views of National Monuments such as Maghain Aboth Synagogue, Sri Mariamman Temple, Abdul Gafoor Mosque, Yueh Hai Ching Temple and many more.

    Space requirements : 100 Sq m (Approximate)

    If you are interested to book a travelling exhibition or have enquiries, please email