Fireside Chat on Digitalisation Behavioural Insights in the Digital Landscape

Fireside Chat on Digitalisation: Behavioural Insights in the Digital Landscape (26 June 2020)

 4 Photo of Speaker Joanne Yoong Speaker:
Dr Joanne Yoong
Senior Economist; Director
Center for Economic and Social Research University of South California
 4 Photo of Moderator Jervais Choo Moderator:
Mr Jervais Choo
Deputy Director (Organisational Design & Innovation)
National Heritage Board

About the Fireside Chat

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a surge in online activity by many organisations and businesses. Museums are consequently faced with the challenge of competing in an increasingly crowded online environment. This phenomenon raises the need for a more targeted approach toward designing digital strategies based on an understanding of online behaviour. This fireside chat focuses on questions programmers should ask before embarking on digitalisation, and discusses key obstacles that museums might anticipate when going digital.

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