By focusing on skills development and awareness of museum standards, we aim to support great visitor experience at museums. Past trainers have been from the National Museums Liverpool, Melbourne Museum, Thinking Museum (Amsterdam) and Friends of the Museums (Singapore).

Museum Roundtable - Professional Development

Advocacy & Outreach

We support International Museum Day, Battle for Singapore Children’s Season and Istana Art Event, as annual outreach platforms for museums. We also produce the Museum Roundtable Guide, a brochure that is distributed across Singapore.

Battle for Singapore


Jointly organised by the Museum Roundtable Division, its members and heritage groups, Battle for Singapore (BSG) commemorates the fall of Singapore to Japanese forces on 15 February 1942. The annual programme includes guided tours to significant World War II sites as well as special programmes at Museum Roundtable museums.

Children's Season Singapore

Museum Roundtable - Children's Season

Children's Season Singapore (CSS) is an annual festival for families with children aged 3 to 12 years old. Held during the mid-year school holidays, the festival sees Museum Roundtable museums organising special programmes for children and families to learn and bond. Each year, NHB’s Museum Roundtable Division provides a programming seed grant as well as marketing support.

Istana Art Event

Museum Roundtable - Istana Art Event

The Istana Art Event is a community outreach event held in conjunction with the Istana’s National Day Open House. Members are invited to set up booths at the Museum Roundtable Arts & Heritage Village, offering various craft activities for all visitors to enjoy. A programming seed grant is available for participating MR members.

Networking & Collaboration

We organise Quarterly Meetings where members share their experience and know-how to encourage information and resource sharing.

Museum Roundtable - Community & Networking

Support & Resource

Members participating in the annual Istana Art Event may apply for a programming seed grant. We also aim to facilitate collaboration by connecting members and facilitating conversations.