Public Advisory on COVID-19

Public Advisory on COVID-19
(Coronavirus Disease 2019)

Updated as of 5 April 2020

Singapore is implementing an elevated set of safe-distancing measures, as a circuit breaker, to minimise further spread of COVID-19.

NHB’s museums are committed to do our part to fight the pandemic situation which has affected everyone globally. All our museums and heritage institutions will be closed from 7 April to 4 May, inclusive.

Please continue to keep in touch with us via this channel. We have some exciting programmes coming up to keep you inspired while indoors, look out for it.

Stay home and stay safe.

With our collective efforts, we will see each other again very soon.

Thank you.

Operationalisation of “Circuit Breaker” Safe Distancing Measures for Museum Stakeholders

Updated as of 5 April 2020

  1. In line with MOH’s advisory “Circuit Breaker to Minimise Further Spread of COVID-19” issued on 3 April 2020, the National Heritage Board would like to inform all museum stakeholders of the following requirements. These measures will be in place from 7 April 2020 until 4 May 2020 (inclusive), but may be extended depending on the situation:

    1. All museum stakeholders’ premises shall be closed.

    2. There should be no events or activities of any kind in these premises. All professional or vocational trainings, workshops and courses must be suspended, unless these can be done virtually. We encourage training providers to move these courses online, where possible, so that training is not disrupted and that the community can continue to upgrade their skills from the safe environment of their homes.

    3. All workplace premises will be closed. All business, social, or other activities that cannot be conducted through telecommuting from home will be suspended during this period.

    4. F&B tenants in your premises, as well as retail outlets that provide items and services necessary to support the daily living needs of the population, can continue to remain open. For a list of services and operators that can remain open, please refer to the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s advisory “Suspension of Activities at Workplace Premises to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission” at F&B outlets and essential services are to submit details of their plans to operate with enhanced safe distancing measures in place at by end of 13 April 2020 for review.

  2. Action will be taken against any non-compliance with the government’s safe distancing requirements. Museum stakeholders who do not implement or comply with the requirements may have their government grants and assistance withdrawn, be ineligible for such schemes going forward, and may be subject to penalties under the Infectious Disease Act. Additional penalties may be imposed on those which are found to have been a place of transmission of COVID-19, if the venues or operations are found not to have adhered to these requirements.

  3. During this period, we encourage museum stakeholders to reach out to the community and audiences digitally, and/or engage in training online. We hope that our community of practitioners can do their part to support and uplift the spirits of Singaporeans as we all stay home to keep each other safe.

  4. Further support for the arts and culture sector will be announced during the Supplementary Budget Debate from 6-7 April 2020. Self-Employed Persons and freelancers can also subscribe online to the National Arts Council’s Arts Resource Hub ( for access to shared resources, services and advice.

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