Submission of Nomination to UNESCO

In March 2019, Singapore submitted the nomination documents to inscribe “Hawker Culture in Singapore: Community Dining and Culinary Practices in a Multicultural Urban Context” on the UNESCO Representative List. The title was chosen as it represents the following characteristics of Hawker Culture in Singapore:

  • Hawker centres as community dining spaces for everyone
  • Mastery of skills by hawkers, who are the bearers of hawker culinary practices
  • A reflection of Singapore’s multicultural society
  • A thriving culture in an urban environment

The documents will first be evaluated by a panel of experts appointed by UNESCO and then assessed by the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee which comprises representatives from different countries. The evaluation process will take place over a period of one year and nine months, and the results will be announced in end 2020. The following contains a summary of the nomination documents.