Give to Heritage


We value the contributions of our donors. To express our gratitude, our donors will receive privileges unique to your strategic objectives. Privileges include tax deduction, special access behind-the-scenes events, and branding opportunities including recognition and acknowledgement on specific platforms.

All donors are eligible for a tax deduction 2.5 times the donation amount for all cash donation (IRAS and NHB rules and regulations rel="noopener noreferrer" apply).

Under the Cultural Matching Fund, all cash donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar (1:1) - thereby leveraging your gift even further.

Supporters whose donations valued $10,000 and more will also be nominated for the annual Patron of Heritage Awards. The Patron of Heritage Awards was launched by the National Heritage Board in 2006 to celebrate the generous donations and contributions of individuals and organisations who have given to heritage causes. Learn More

For more information, please contact:
Philanthropy Division National Heritage Board