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Heritage Education Highlights 2020

Heritage Education Highlights 2020

Heritage Highlights is an annual publication that acts as a one-stop easy reference tool for schools and educators to explore the various Heritage Education programmes available at our Museums and Heritage Institutions. Each programme has been specially curated to encourage active appreciation of our heritage in a fun, immersive and engaging way.

As part of our Heritage Education life cycle approach, our programmes will accompany each student at every stage of their academic journey. They will continue to enjoy a myriad of opportunities to engage with, and contribute to, Singapore's heritage and history.

We continue to work conscientiously with key education partners including the Ministry of Education and Early Childhood Development Agency, in the development of relevant programmes with a global focus. Come join us and experience heritage up-close!

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The Heritage Researcher: A Practical Guide to Action, Oral History Interview

Oral History Interview guidebook

The Heritage Researcher: A Practical Guide to Action, Oral History Interview’ is a useful resource kit for schools and communities that wish to conduct their own oral history interviews to document our history and shared heritage. The guidebook includes a step-by step guide on how to conduct oral history interviews, as well as the dos and don’ts when conducting such interviews.

Download ‘The Heritage Researcher: A Practical Guide to Action, Oral History Interview’



Heritage Trail Adoption Scheme

Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail Adoption Scheme (HTAS) encourage schools to adopt an existing or new NHB Heritage Trail or school-developed trail. Through this scheme, participating schools receive trail guiding training for students or a “How-To-Teach Guiding” training programme for teachers. The programme adopts a fun and innovative approach to learning about heritage, and has been widely implemented across schools in leadership camps, learning journeys and orientation programmes.

The guidebook "Heritage Trails – A Practical Guide to Action" is a useful complement for schools that wish to adopt an existing NHB Heritage Trail or develop their own trail under HTAS. It includes a step-by-step process of conceptualising a Heritage Trail, conducting research as well as sample activities, forms and worksheets from schools who have successfully developed their own Heritage Trail.

For more information, please refer to the Heritage Trail Adoption Scheme.

Download "Heritage Trails – A Practical Guide to Action"

School Heritage Corners

Heritage CornersThe School Heritage Corners Programme is a part of the National Heritage Board (NHB)'s Heritage Grant Scheme. Under the Programme, schools are encouraged to create a dedicated heritage learning space for the documentation of their school, community and nation's history, so as to develop a strong sense of identity and belonging among students.

Titled "Developing Heritage Corners - A Guide", this guidebook acts as a useful guide for schools and teachers in understanding the process of developing a School Heritage Corner. It includes resources, information on gathering objects for display, as well as case studies from schools who have successfully developed a School Heritage Corner.

For more information and to apply, please refer to School Heritage Corners, Minor Project Grant or e-mail

Download "Developing Heritage Corners - A Guide"