NHB/HPG/18Q4544 Reviving Our Forefathers’ Disappearing Foods: Bicentennial Edition

Reviving Our Forefathers’ Disappearing Foods: Bicentennial Edition by Lynn Wong Yuqing is a sequel to an earlier documentary Reviving Lost Foods of Our Forefathers project, that was funded by NHB's grant in 2017. The project documents heritage dishes of the Toisanese community, one of the earliest groups of Cantonese that settled in Singapore. The film was screened at the Ho Yeah Festival in December 2021, an event that showcases lesser-known foods and stories of the Cantonese and Hakka in Singapore.

NHB/HPG/18Q1479 People of Zhonghua

People of Zhonghua

People of Zhonghua by Zhonghua Secondary School is a three-part documentary film showcasing Zhonghua's rich history through personal stories contributed by from students, alumni and staff. The first part of the documentary features how staff and students overcame various challenges to achieve success; the second part chronicles how the school weathered obstacles in the course of its history; and the final part of the documentary outlines the changes in the delivery of education by the school over the years.

NHB/HPG/17Q1076 Brother Joe

Brother Joe

Brother Joe by James Khoo is a documentary that traces the life of Brother Joseph McNally through interviews and archival footages. This intimate portrait runs parallel to the history of art education in Singapore and the founding of the LASALLE College of the Arts. The documentary provides a glimpse into the largely unknown life of a teacher, a brother, and a visionary.

NHB/HP/15Q4050 The Last Artisan

The Last Artisan Photo Credit: Craig McTurk

The Last Artisan by Craig McTurk is a documentary shot over a period of two years from 2016 to 2018 at Haw Par Villa – a theme park of colourful statues depicting Chinese folklore and legends. The documentary examines Singapore’s history through the memories of the park’s head artisan, Teo Veoh Seng who maintained the iconic statues of Haw Par Villa for seven decades until 2018. The documentary follows the artisan and his journey to retirement as he passes on his knowledge and skills to the next generation of workers. The documentary premiered at the 2018 Singapore International Film Festival with two sold-out screenings.