NHB/HPG/17Q4421 Forge of Nations

Forge of Nations by Wan Jun Yan is an educational card game set in the founding period of Singapore. The game aims to give players a flavour of what it was like to build a settlement during the period between 1500-1900 in Southeast Asia.

The mechanics of the game is for each player to grow their “settlement” through four developmental stages – from Village, Town, City and finally to Nation by trading cards with other players.


NHB/HPG/18Q3517 My Red Cross Memories Web Portal

Cross Memories

My Red Cross Memories Web Portal by the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) is a microsite launched in conjunction with Singapore Red Cross 70th Anniversary in 2019. The site serves as a digital collection that chronicles the history of the Singapore Red Cross from 1949 to 2019 alongside personal stories. The stories are conveyed through a series of photographs and video interviews with ex-council and management members as well as long serving volunteers in the organisation. The microsite aims to serve as a platform to create awareness of the SRC, its history and its services.

NHB/HPG/15Q1170 Singapore War Crimes Trials & Outreach Project

Singapore War Crimes

Singapore War Crimes Trials & Outreach Project by Dr Cheah Wui Ling and Ms Ng Pei Yi is a Web Portal that features comprehensive details of the war crimes trials held by the British from 1946-1948 in Singapore (the Singapore Trials). The web portal aims to provide the public with a one-stop access to the Singapore Trials by featuring comprehensive case summaries and links to relevant archival materials hosted by various websites. It aims to promote an under-explored aspect of Singapore’s legal heritage and to serve as a foundation for those seeking to learn more about the Singapore War Crimes Trials through a variety of visual aids and interactive features.