School Heritage Corners/Galleries

What goes into creating a school heritage space? Three schools – Sembawang Primary School, Yuying Secondary School and Nanyang Junior College share learning points from their experiences.

NHB/HPG/19Q1557 Tan Suat Hua - TKGS Gallery

Tan Suat Hua - TKGS Gallery by Tanjong Katong Girls School (TKGS) is a school heritage gallery project that documents the school’s rich heritage through key artefacts such as a 3D model of the new/old school campuses, old transcripts and report books of an alumni from the late 1950s. As the mission statement of the school is to nurture lifelong learners and stewards, the gallery also highlights the idea of leadership through profiles of visionary school leaders and illustrious alumnae. Visitors to the gallery are invited to contribute their experiences and reflections of their schooling life at TKGS via QR codes that links them to the school's portal.

NHB/HPG/18Q3524 Tracing our Roots

Tracing our Roots by Sembawang Primary School is a school heritage gallery project planned in conjunction with the school’s 20th Anniversary celebration. The gallery documents the history of Sembawang through agricultural tools, and comics depicting stories of kampongs and rubber plantations. A highlight of the gallery is the “Sembawang Sedap” corner which imitates an old kopitiam with biscuit tins and food display stands, allowing students to interact with artefacts of yesteryear which they may not have previously seen before.

NHB/HPG/18Q1460 Our Yuying Story

Our Yuying Story by Yuying Secondary School features the rich history of the school dating back to 1910. The school is one of the only two remaining schools started by the Hainanese community in Singapore. The gallery comprises informative panels depicting a traditional coffeeshop of the 1950s and 1960s, sharing the Hainanese community's contributions to Singapore’s food and beverage industry. Students can learn about the history of the school through different artefacts such as student report books dating back to 1970s, photographs of milestone events and oral interviews by alumni on the evolution of the school.

NHB/HPG/17Q3402 NYJC Heritage Wall

NYJC Heritage Wall by Nanyang Junior College documents the history of the school in conjunction with the College’s 40th anniversary celebration. The wall outlines the various milestones achieved by the school over four decades. There is also a dedicated segment on Mr Lim Bo Seng, Singapore’s war-hero and one of the founders of Chung Cheng High Schools.