Young ChangeMakers - Youth Heritage Kickstarter Fund

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Young ChangeMakers – Youth Heritage Kickstarter Fund (YCM - YHKF) is administered by the National Youth Council (NYC)'s Young ChangeMakers (YCM) Grant and provides seed funding for youths to implement projects for the community. As part of Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0, the National Heritage Board (NHB) is now partnering the NYC YCM Grant to provide additional funding and resources to empower youths to take an active role in preserving and safeguarding Singapore’s heritage.

Co-presented by NHB and NYC, the YCM - YHKF hopes to:

  • Build the capabilities of the next generation of heritage enthusiasts who will provide fresh perspectives, drive change, and become advocates of Singapore’s heritage.
  • Encourage youths to develop and implement heritage projects that are beneficial to the Singapore community.
  • Encourage youths to contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of Singapore’s heritage ecosystem.

If you are keen to kickstart projects that promote the appreciation and understanding of Singapore’s heritage, find out more by downloading the YCM – YHKF Factsheet.

Interested and eligible applicants can apply to the YCM - YHKF via NYC’s YCM Grant on the OurSG Grants (OSG) Portal.

Funding & Grant Amount

  • Successful applicants will receive an in-principle grant approval of up to 80% of supported costs, subject to a maximum of $5,000, whichever is lower.
  • Projects that demonstrate exceeding merits in terms of project scale, impact, and/or that are aligned to NHB’s initiatives will be awarded up to 80% of supported costs, subject to a maximum of $7,000, whichever is lower.
  • The grant will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis approximately within eight (8) weeks from the satisfactory submission of the Project Closure Report and supporting documents.
  • The YCM - YHKF is solely for the delivery of the project and allowable direct project expenses only. Total government funding including YCM - YHKF must not exceed 80% of the total project cost.
  • Grant decisions will be made at a monthly YCM Open Mic session which will be facilitated by a panel of Youth Curators.

Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply?

  • Singaporean or Singaporean Permanent Residents (PR) youths, between 15 – 35 years old, residing locally.
  • Youth groups/collectives (project teams) should comprise a majority of Singaporean or Singapore PR youths.

What can be funded?

  • Projects should be relevant to Singapore’s heritage and should engage and/or benefit the Singapore community.
  • Projects should be completed within six (6) months from date of award of the grant.
  • Projects can include site-specific initiatives designed to encourage people to engage with the heritage of their neighbourhood and/or Singapore. Projects can take on various formats, including but not limited to (a) mini exhibitions; (b) guided tour programmes; (c) talks, lectures and workshops; (d) screenings; (e) murals; or (f) temporary outdoor artwork installations.

What cannot be funded?

  • Projects/initiatives under a registered company.
  • Projects with content held as objectionable by the general public, or that may adversely affect social cohesion in Singapore.
  • Projects with a religious or socio-political agenda.
  • Projects that raise funds for the project applicant.
  • Projects that diminish public trust and confidence in Government agencies/public institutions.
  • Projects with no relevance to Singapore’s heritage/history.


1. What is the YCM - YHKF? How is it different from the YCM?

The YCM - YHKF is co-funded/co-presented by the National Youth Council and National Heritage Board to support youths who are keen to kickstart projects that promote the appreciation and understanding of Singapore’s heritage. Projects must be relevant to Singapore’s heritage/history to qualify for the YCM - YHKF and can be potentially funded up to $7,000. 

2. I am not sure if my project qualifies for the YCM - YHKF. What can I do?

Please refer to the grant’s eligibility criteria to check if your project qualifies for the YCM - YHKF. You can also write in to for further assistance.

3. What happens if I submit the grant application and it’s assessed to be irrelevant to Singapore’s heritage/history?

Upon submission of the grant application via the YCM Grant portal, the application will be reviewed by the agencies. Applicants will be contacted by the grant officers via email for clarification where required. Projects that are assessed to lack heritage elements required to qualify for the YCM - YHKF can still be considered for the YCM Grant if it meets the eligibility of YCM Grant (projects that benefit the Singapore community). The YCM Grant provides seed funding of up to $5,000.

4. When will I receive the grant?

The YCM - YHKF is disbursed on a reimbursement basis after the project has been completed in accordance with the original proposal and the expenditures are deemed to be incurred in relation to the delivery of the project. Applicants are required to submit the necessary project closure documents via the OurSG Grants Portal for the agencies to assess the completion of project.

For more general FAQs about the YCM Grant, please refer to the YCM factsheet.