Preservation of Sites & Monuments


The National Monuments Fund (NMF) is a co-funding scheme that supports eligible* National Monuments in their effort to maintain and restore their buildings. Special attention is paid to structural repair and other critical works to ensure good preservation practice. The NMF is divided as follows:

  • NMF(R) - A grant set up in 2008 to assist with the cost of qualifying restoration works, and in particular, urgently necessary repairs
  • NMF(M) - A grant set up in 2015 to assist with the cost of qualifying maintenance works essential to the upkeep of the Monuments

The NMF complements the "Tax Exemption Scheme for Donation to National Monuments in Singapore".

If you are a monument owner, and are interested to apply for the fund, please download the relevant information below:

Annual closing date for all applications: 31 October, 12:00pm.

*List of eligible National Monuments for the NMF grant can be downloaded here.