Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap


Digitalisation is a key enabler for the arts and culture sector today and for the future

Digital transformation is not about replacing the existing experience, but enhancing the arts ecosystem. Digital technology can help enhance the experiences of audiences and visitors by making a wide range of innovative works available, and increase the productivity and sustainability of arts and culture organisations.

Digital solutions can help you and your organisation better serve and connect with your audiences and visitors. One of the most useful applications of digital technology is for automating and streamlining administrative and back-room processes, such as accounting, booking of tickets and email marketing. The right digital solutions can seamlessly complement your work in any part of the sector.

Global trends across technology, the economy and society will impact the arts and culture sector. Digital transformation will position you and your organisation to respond and take advantage of these trends.

A one-stop Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap

The Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap is designed to support you and your organisation in the adoption of digital solutions to improve operational productivity and deliver greater impact through your work. It was developed through a survey on the digital capabilities of the sector, and over 20 deep-dive interviews with arts and culture organisations and practitioners.

It also includes a self-assessment checklist which you and your organisation can use to gauge your level of digital readiness, an array of digital solutions which you can adopt and benefit from at various phases of the creative process, as well as a list of funding schemes and other resources which can support your digitalisation journey.

The Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap will be updated regularly, as the needs of the sector and technology evolve over time. We will be organising engagement activities such as virtual roadshows and workshops for you and your organisation to familiarise yourselves with the Roadmap, and how you can use it to support your digital adoption efforts.


The Roadmap consolidates validated digital solutions that work across the sector, and provides information on funding resources to support your digital transformation journey.

NHB Digital Service Delivery Highways

You and your organisation can tap on “highways” the Government has developed for digital service delivery and digital innovation in our cultural landscape. These shared platforms enable the sector to employ digital solutions without having to build the infrastructure yourself.

The Digital Service Delivery “highway” refers to the transmission of digital content and data across different devices and platforms. It enables arts and heritage offerings to be integrated with a range of entertainment and lifestyle options for a holistic and diverse audience experience.

You and your organisation can consider using the following digital service delivery platforms: is a one-stop heritage resource portal for members of the public to discover Singapore's culture and history through the national collection of objects, heritage trails, stories and more.


DigiMuse, an initiative that aims to engage the wider technology sector to crowdsource ideas to enhance museum experiences and build a vibrant culture sector.

If you have any queries about the Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap, or require any assistance in digital adoption, please contact us at

We thank everyone who has contributed to the development of the Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap, including those who participated in our earlier survey and interviews. We look forward to your continued support and partnership as we continue to refine the Roadmap, and promote digital adoption across our arts and culture ecosystem.