2023 Recipients

2023 Recipients

Cai Bixia

Chinese Opera

Cai Bixia_Stewards Profile Image Credit: Cai Bixia



Ms Cai Bixia has championed the traditional art form of Chinese Opera for more than three decades. Since 1997, she has been serving as a Chinese Opera teacher and regularly organises classes and workshops in schools. She founded the Traditional Arts Centre in 2012 to offer weekly Chinese Opera classes for children and youth learners, and it has since become a key node for training and development opportunities for Chinese Opera practitioners in Singapore.

Osman Bin Abdul Hamid

Malay Dance Forms

Osman Abdul HamidStewards Profile 4 to 3 aspect ratio Image Credit: National Heritage Board



Mr Osman Bin Abdul Hamid has dedicated over four decades to the practice of Malay Dance, as a dancer, choreographer, director and educator. In 2011, Mr Osman founded Era Dance Theatre, an institution that provides training and development opportunities for younger generations of Malay dancers. He has mentored generations of Malay dance enthusiasts in schools, including the Malay Dance troupe Ilsa Tari from National University of Singapore, and worked with the People's Association (PA) as the lead choreographer of PA Talents Malay Dance Ensemble to craft performances for Chingay Parade and National Day Parade.

Raymond Wong Sin Kong

Peranakan Beadwork and Embroidery; and Craft and Practices related to the Peranakan Kebaya

Raymond Wong 4 to 3 aspect ratio Image Credit: James Chua



Mr Raymond Wong is a practitioner of Peranakan beadwork and embroidery; and Craft and Practices related to the Peranakan Kebaya with nearly two decades of expertise. He has actively shared his craft through workshops and teaching at LASALLE for more than 10 years. To ensure that his craft remains accessible while maintaining its cultural essence, he explores new methods and techniques like machine embroidery and digital prints, as exemplified by his participationin NHB's Craft x Design programme where he teamed up with designers from Aller Row to reimagine traditional Peranakan embroidery into contemporary fashion - bridging the past with the present.



Each recipient (individual or organisation) will be presented with a trophy, certificate of award, and S$5,000 cash prize.

Each recipient will also have the option to tap up to S$20,000 in project funding. This is subject to the approval of the proposed project. Please click here to find out more.

Award Categories & Eligibility

  1. Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, 18 years and above.

  2. Must be a practitioner with minimum 10 years in vocation and a respected member of the practising community.


Note: Award will only be conferred upon individuals who are ICH practitioners - researchers, advocates, and/or managers of ICH organisations who do not themselves possess ICH knowledge and practice ICH skills are not eligible for the Award.


  1. Must be based in Singapore and headed by a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

  2. The group must have been practising for a minimum of 10 years.

  3. The group must be a formally registered society or company.

Note: Awards will not be conferred posthumously.

Nomination Methods

Self-nomination and public nomination

Evaluation Criteria

Nominees are evaluated according to how they have demonstrated the following criteria:

Active Transmission of Skills and Knowledge

  • Displays outstanding and ongoing efforts to transmit skills and knowledge to the next generation

  • Regular engagement with the wider community to raise awareness of the practice

Mastery of Skills and Knowledge

  • Displays excellence in the application of both knowledge and skills

Long-Term Dedication to Transmitting Practice

  • Long-term commitment to sustaining knowledge and skills of the practice

Positive Impact and Influence

  • Serves as a positive example by encouraging cultural exchange

  • Displays efforts to serve the wider community through the practice


Individual and group/organisation applications will be evaluated as separate categories of applicants, although all applications will be assessed based on the above criteria.

Evaluation Panel

Nominations will be reviewed and assessed by an Evaluation Panel, which comprises ICH practitioners, academics, leaders of community organisations, and representatives from NHB.

For the 2022 Award cycle, the members of the Evaluation Panel are:

Chair Ms Yeoh Chee Yan
Chairman, National Heritage Board
Deputy Chair Ms Chang Hwee Nee
CE, National Heritage Board
Members  Dr Azhar Ibrahim
Department of Malay Studies, NUS
  Mr Chan Kian Kuan
Vice-President, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations
  Ms Julia D’Silva
Representative, Eurasian Association
  Dr Koh Keng We
Department of History, NTU
  Mr Low Sze Wee
CEO, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
  Dr Norshahril Saat
Chairman, Malay Heritage Foundation
  Mr Rajakumar Chandra
Chairman, Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association
  Ms Serene Lim
Director (Sector Development – Performing Arts), NAC
  Mdm Som Said
Artistic Director, Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts
  Ms Sunitha Janamohanan
Lecturer, LASALLE College of the Arts
  Mr Victor Yue
Exco Member, Singapore Heritage Society
  Prof Vineeta Sinha
Department of Sociology and South Asian Studies, NUS

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