Onto the Next Lap – Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0

Fruits of Our SG Heritage Plan

The first masterplan for the heritage sector, Our SG Heritage Plan, achieved many milestones in the promotion and celebration of Singapore’s heritage. These included efforts in the safeguarding and promoting of Singapore’s intangible cultural heritage, deepening of the community’s participation in exploring and celebrating heritage, the continued development of and engagement with our National Collection and museums, developments that better protect our National Monuments, and expanding the reach and possibilities of Singapore’s heritage through digital technology.

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Engagement Efforts for the Next Masterplan

In 2022, NHB consulted over 650 stakeholders including museum professionals, community groups, youths and traditional craft practitioners, and received more than 72,000 ideas and public feedback online and via physical booths. Through the engagements, as well as learning from the first heritage masterplan, NHB identified various key areas to further develop in its next lap of the Heritage Plan.

Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0

NHB will be launching Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0 later this year, which is the next iteration of the Heritage Plan for 2023 to 2027. It will focus on further developing the heritage and museum landscape through four building blocks: Identity, Community, Industry, and Innovation.

  • Identity: Greater efforts to reflect a more layered understanding of the Singapore identity, such as expanding the collecting mandate to include a new domain on design.
  • Community: More co-creation opportunities with Singaporeans to explore and celebrate Singapore’s heritage.
  • Industry: More support for the heritage industry to cultivate a vibrant heritage ecosystem with opportunities for all.
  • Innovation: Better visitor experience and access to Singapore’s heritage through new digital strategies and technology.

Sectoral Digitalisation Efforts

There will be continued efforts to increase awareness and drive adoption of the Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap, which was launched by MCCY in 2022, including solutions to support arts and culture organisations and practitioners in digitalisation.

Preserving Singapore’s National Monuments for the Future

As part of continued efforts to safeguard our built heritage, various National Monuments will be undergoing restoration works to preserve the buildings for posterity, and our future generations.

  • National Museum of Singapore: Restoration and upgrading works are expected to be carried out in phases from late-2023 and to be completed in 2025. The museum will remain open to the public while the works are carried out.
  • Former Istana Kampong Gelam (housing Malay Heritage Centre) and Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall: The restoration and upgrading works for the former Istana Kampong Gelam and Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall will begin from 2023 and 2024 respectively, and are expected to be completed in 2025. The two heritage institutions will be closed for the duration of their respective works.
  • Istana: The Istana will undergo major restoration works from 2024. The restoration works will ensure that the Istana is well preserved and remains functional for its historical importance and as a venue for important state events and community gatherings.