Heritage X Industry


Heritage and museums are a crucial part of Singapore’s creative and cultural sector. They inspire artists and designers, contribute to the vibrancy of our cultural calendar, and give Singapore a unique identity that sets us apart from other destinations.

NHB recognises the economic potential of heritage and aims to use it to invigorate Singapore’s cultural industries and boost our cultural capital both at home and abroad. We want to cultivate a vibrant heritage ecosystem that provides opportunities for everyone, from state-funded museums to private businesses, community groups, and intangible cultural heritage practitioners, as well as to those in related industries.

This is an emerging area of work, as opposed to our core and perennial priorities in Identity and Community. We understand that different players require different forms of support, and we aspire to bring everyone together towards the common goal of safeguarding and promoting our heritage. Given the many opportunities ahead, we are eager to forge new paths in making heritage penetrate and benefit different sectors, and to improve the sustainability of heritage businesses and careers. We are excited to unlock the economic potential of the heritage sector, tap into new opportunities, and take it to new heights.

Supporting Heritage Businesses


Heritage businesses are the heart and soul of Singapore's rich cultural heritage. They are the keepers of traditional crafts and practices, providing us with a glimpse into our unique identity and history. However, these businesses are not immune to the challenges of changing times. With shifting consumer patterns and evolving social customs, some of them may be struggling to stay afloat or find successors to carry on their legacy.

We understand the importance of supporting these businesses in their journey towards sustainability. We believe that innovation is key to ensuring their continued success. Hence, we have piloted the Organisation Transformation Grant in 2021 to help heritage businesses transform their operations and develop creative solutions for business continuity. For instance, they could use the grant to revamp their website or rebrand a line of products, making them more appealing to new customers.

We are committed to continuing our efforts to support heritage businesses under HP2. By providing them with opportunities and assistance to innovate, we hope to help these businesses thrive and continue to enrich our cultural landscape for generations to come.

Transforming Armenian Street into a Creative and Craft Precinct


Armenian Street is in the heart of Singapore's Bras Basah. Bugis precinct, surrounded by some of our most cherished cultural institutions. With such an esteemed location, we envision it as a vibrant creative and craft hub that showcases the unique character of this special precinct.

We believe that by collaborating with businesses, artisans, and the arts community, we can develop Armenian Street into a hub that offers a range of lifestyle options. These could include pop-up shops selling merchandise inspired by Singapore's crafts and traditions, as well as live events and performances that celebrate our diverse people. As a venue for popular festivals such as the Singapore Night Festival and the Armenian Street Party, we also aim to work with creatives and craft practitioners to further enliven the area with exciting cultural experiences.

We aim to create a bustling environment where creative energies can collide, and visitors can experience the many facets of our cultural and heritage scene in one space. By cultivating Armenian Street as a hub for creative and cultural activity, we hope to promote a greater appreciation of Singapore's rich heritage and identity, and inspire a new generation of artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs.

Internationalising our Collection and Stories


With our rich culture, highly developed heritage ecology and stellar infrastructure, Singapore is strongly poised to be a regional leader in heritage and museum management. To further bolster our global standing in this area, we are excited to embark on an Internationalisation Strategy to share Singapore’s dynamic and storied heritage with the world.

We aim to partner with like-minded organisations to co-present and travel Singapore content and materials abroad, including exhibitions, programmes and products inspired by our heritage. By promoting our cultural heritage abroad, we hope to attract new audiences for our institutions and new markets for our designers and producers.

Ultimately, we hope that our distinctive heritage and heritage-inspired designs, as well as the professional expertise of our museums and the heritage sector, will become a cultural asset that is globally admired and widely sought after. This can in turn create exciting new economic opportunities that will lift our cultural sector to new heights and ultimately benefit our entire heritage ecology.

Cultivating Heritage Professionals


Heritage professionals are the backbone of the heritage field, working tirelessly to preserve and share our cultural heritage with the world. From curators to conservators and researchers, they all play an essential role in ensuring that our history remains alive and relevant for generations to come.

We believe that working in this sector should be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. Hence, we are excited to partner with institutes of higher learning to co-develop and implement innovative heritage projects that give young people the opportunity to professionalise and form early networks. From mentorships and work placements to research projects and workshops, we are committed to providing valuable learning opportunities for the heritage professionals of tomorrow.

Through these initiatives, we hope to inspire and empower the next generation of heritage practitioners to carry the torch forward. By nurturing and cultivating their passion for heritage, we can ensure that our cultural legacy remains vibrant and continues to enrich the lives of all those who come after us.

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