Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0


Our SG Heritage Plan is the master plan for Singapore’s heritage and museum sector which outlines the broad strategies and initiatives for the sector.

In 2018, Singapore launched its first master plan for the heritage sector. Co-developed with the community, it laid our a five-year strategic roadmap till 2022 to safeguard Singapore's heritage.

From 29 July to 30 November 2022, Singaporeans were invited to share their views on key aspects of the future of Singapore's heritage and play a part in building the next heritage masterplan, Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0.

On 19 March, Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0 was launched. It is the next chapter for Singapore's heritage and museum landscape, which will guide our strategies from 2023 to 2027.

Find out more about the four building blocks and its initiatives below.

About Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0

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