Heritage X Innovation


The digital revolution is transforming the way we live, and the heritage sector is no exception. To make our multicultural history more accessible and engaging for everyone, we must adapt to the changing habits and expectations of a more connected public.

Digitisation opens up new possibilities for sharing heritage content with audiences all over the world. By creating digital archives and virtual exhibitions, we can reach people who may never have had the chance to visit our physical spaces. It also allows us to create exciting and immersive experiences that can be enjoyed both online and offline.

We have already made great strides in this area during the pandemic, and we aim to continue innovating and finding new ways to enhance the public's interactions with heritage. As we move forward, we are also committed to making our museums more sustainable and driving new research in conservation and collection care.

An emerging but important area of work, we believe that innovation is key to staying relevant and exciting to audiences. Over the next five years, we aim to drive innovation across multiple levels of the heritage sector and model best practices. Our goal is to build a museum and heritage scene that is infused with the spirit of creativity and innovation, and ready to meet the future head-on.

Fresh Ways to Appreciate Heritage


With the rise of the metaverse and immersive online experiences, NHB is excited to harness these cutting-edge developments to transform the way people interact with heritage. Under HP2, we are committed to staying at the forefront of these exciting developments and creating even more opportunities for people to engage with our rich cultural heritage.

To position ourselves for this exciting new era, we are exploring the development of a 3D digital assets repository that showcases our important objects and buildings in vivid detail. This online catalogue will include 3D models of important monuments and sites, as well as artefacts from our National Collection. We believe that these 3D models will be invaluable resources for teachers, researchers, and heritage lovers of all kinds.

We are also eager to tap into the latest innovations and developments in the metaverse platforms and work with creators in this fast-growing field to create digital assets that truly engage and excite heritage enthusiasts and technophiles alike. Our goal is to create ambitious and experiential digital experiences that showcase the depth and richness of our cultural heritage like never before.

Getting Smart With Technology


From behind-the-scenes operations to visitor experience, NHB has been on an ongoing journey to use technology and data analytics to improve our museums across the spectrum. For instance, we introduced TEMI, a friendly robot that leads tours at Changi Chapel and Museum. In HP2, we will continue to explore the use of smart robotics to make museums more interactive and engaging.

We also know that AI and data-driven technologies can streamline our operations and improve decision-making. With tools like chatbots, analytics, and security systems, we can create more personalised and efficient experiences for our visitors. By embracing the latest innovations, we will unlock exciting new possibilities and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Enhancing Engagement


We believe that our museums and heritage institutions are unique and valuable treasures that deserve to be enjoyed and cherished by all. With so many options available to people today, we understand the importance of creating engaging and meaningful experiences that capture the imagination and interest of our visitors.

To achieve this, we are constantly exploring new ways to connect with our audiences and keep them engaged with heritage. By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to better understand our visitors and tailor our content and recommendations to their interests and preferences. Through machine learning and other innovative tools, we can provide personalised experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Our ultimate goal is to ignite a passion for heritage in everyone we reach, and we believe that technology can play a key role in achieving this. By staying on the cutting edge of new developments and finding creative ways to leverage technology, we can continue to inspire and delight our audiences for years to come.

A More Sustainable Museum Sector


As countries all around the world are recognising the urgency of the climate crisis and museums globally are playing a more proactive role in reducing their environmental impact, NHB will also explore new initiatives to promote environmentally sustainable practices and adopt best practices in the museum and heritage sector.

Through HP2, we aim to position our museums as leaders in environmental awareness for the heritage sector and pave the way for a sustainable and resilient future. We will organise knowledge-sharing platforms such as conferences, seminars, and forums to raise awareness of environmental sustainability in the heritage sector. Additionally, we will promote public awareness through our exhibitions, programmes, and festivals, ensuring that everyone can play a part in building a greener future.

All of our museums and heritage institutions are already Green Mark-certified, and we are always looking for new ways to incorporate sustainable energy measures and features in new developments like the Founders' Memorial. To further our efforts, NHB will commission research studies on environmental sustainability in the areas of built heritage and conservation science, as well as promote sustainable practices in the heritage sector. With these efforts, we hope to contribute to the Singapore Green Plan and help build a more sustainable future for all.

New Frontiers for Heritage Conservation


Since its opening in 2000, the Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC) has been preserving and safeguarding the National Collection of more than 250,000 artefacts and artworks. In our next phase, we aim to spread innovative thinking and practices throughout the HCC so that we can more sustainably care for our collection and share our professional expertise with the world.

We are actively exploring the most effective use of new and traditional technologies to care for our expanding collection, including objects of contemporary design and maritime archaeology. Ultimately, our goal is to safeguard our treasures sustainably, to ensure that our current and future generations of Singaporeans can continue to enjoy, learn, and draw inspirations from them.

Secondly, we aspire to contribute to thought leadership in conservation. HCC is actively seeking partnerships with institutions and relevant stakeholders to collaborate on research projects, with a special emphasis on collection care in tropical climate such as ours. We will share our knowledge and expertise through workshops and conferences for local, regional and international collection stewards.

Finally, we are continuing to build the professional capabilities of our conservators. By consolidating existing expertise in conservation science and deepening our capabilities in new types of objects such as time-based media art or design, we are ensuring we are best equipped with the latest know-how to care for our National Collection. Our goal is to uplift the skills and knowledge across the conservation department, so we are always at the forefront of professional knowledge in the field.

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