Heritage Research Grant


The Heritage Research Grant (HRG) aims to encourage institutes of higher learning (IHLs), think tanks, heritage NGOs, academics and researchers to embark on heritage-related research for the documentation and preservation of Singapore’s heritage and its connectivity to the region.

The 01/FY2024 HRG Grant Call is open for application between 22 January to 25 March 2024. There are two grants call a year for the HRG.

Who is the grant for?

HRG is open to academics and researchers from or endorsed by the Singapore-based supporting organisations below:

  1. Institutes of higher learning (IHLs), think tanks / research institutions
  2. Non-government organisations (NGOs)
  3. Public company limited by guarantee
  4. Non-profit organisations (NPOs)
  5. Applicants with the support of professional bodies (e.g., Singapore Institute of Architects, Law Society of Singapore) registered under the Registry of Societies.
Applicants should have a strong track record in academic research and demonstrate a keen interest in Singapore's heritage.

For more information, please refer to Heritage Research Grant Application Guidelines. You may also wish to consult the list of successful Heritage Research Grant Projects in FY15-23.

Research Areas and Priority Research Themes

There are five (5) Core Research Areas for the HRG Grant Call, namely Singapore Pre-History and History; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Tangible Heritage; Ethnic Heritage; and Comparative Studies of Singapore and Southeast Asia. Proposals must align with at least one Core Research Areas to be eligible for application.

The seven (7) Priority Research Themes for HRG released from 02/FY2023 supports NHB's Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0 (HP2.0) to prioritise proposals that align with HP2.0's focus areas and NHB-wide research agenda. The priority research themes include:

  1. Maritime Heritage;
  2. Heritage and Well-being;
  3. Sustainability in Built Heritage;
  4. Pedagogy / Museum-Based Learning;
  5. Heritage Businesses;
  6. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Heritage; and
  7. Innovative Technologies in Heritage.

Please refer to the table here for detailed information on the Core Research Areas and Priority Research Themes.

How and when to apply?

The application window for the 01/FY2024 Grant Call is now open.

There are two cycles of HRG Grant Calls opening in January/July every year, and each window opens for 2 months for applications. The proposal must align with at least one of the above Core Research Areas to be eligible for application.

Start of
Grant Call
Closing Date
for Application
of Results
Starting From
22 Jan 2024 25 Mar 2024 Mid to late Jun 2024 Jul - Aug 2024
Jul 2024 Sep 2024 Mid to late Dec 2024 Jan - Feb 2025

To apply, please refer to the Heritage Research Grant’s profile on the OurSG Grants portal. All applications must be submitted onto the OurSG Grants portal no later than 25 March 2024.

Applications are only accepted through OurSG Grants portal via your supporting institution's Corppass account. If you require more information about how to sign up for Corppass, please go to Corppass webpage or see the Portal's Q&A.

What does the Grant support?

The HRG funding quantum is capped at S$150,000 per research project (maximum 2-year project period), and the grant supports research costs including manpower costs, costs associated with conducting research works and fieldwork, as well as any indirect/ancillary research costs charged by the applicant’s institution. For 1-year projects, the maximum quantum is S$75,000.

For proposals whose research topic and/or methodology are more novel or experimental in nature, and for researchers who are new to the field of heritage research, applicants are encouraged to consider the 1-year project grant of up to S$75,000. The output of such proposals could be a proof of concept. These proposals should address at least 1 Priority Research theme and have at least 1 heritage expert on the research team.

Who may I write to for assistance?

If you have any queries or wish to discuss your application, please contact the HRG Secretariat through email at or call 6015 8993.

If you have any queries to apply via OurSG Grant portal, please visit the FAQs.