Museums & Institutions

National Museum of Singapore

Museums & Institutions

Our national museums and heritage institutions are cornerstones of the preservation and celebration of our heritage. They are not just repositories of our past, but also cultural beacons for our future. They offer physical reminders of our journey as a nation, and serve as rallying points for our communities in challenging times.

More than just edifices of brick and stone, museums encompass both the tangible and intangible – the priceless treasures that are our National Collection, and the precious stories and memories they hold. This is why it is vital for our museums and institutions to continue being accessible to all, for all. Our shared goal is to make the Singapore museum experience enjoyable and inclusive, and this has been done in both traditional and digital ways. Ultimately, this ensures that our heritage remains a source of reflection and inspiration for us all.

We operate the following museums, heritage interpretative centres and community heritage institutions.